Start location for St Neots ▼

Start location for St Neots

On corner of lake next to cafe at Riverside Park
Nearest postcode: PE19 7SD
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St Neots

West Anglian Orienteering Club (WAOC) welcomes you to our St Neots MapRun event.


Controls are mainly postboxes. Riverside Park has a cafe and ice cream parlour.


Pay and Display parking at Riverside Park. Street parking available nearby.

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Course: St Neots

60 minute score

This is a Score course which means you should get as many controls as you can within 60 minutes.

There are 30 controls in total. You do not need to get them all and you can visit them in any order.

Controls score different numbers of points:
  • Controls numbered 1 to 10 score 10 points
  • Controls numbered 11 to 20 score 20 points
  • Controls numbered 21 to 30 score 30 points
For each minute or part-minute you are late back, you will lose 10 points. The highest number of points wins. The time you take is used as tie-break.
St Neots PXAS ScoreN60
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