Start location for Birches Head New PAXS ▼

Start location for Birches Head New PAXS

Nearest postcode: ST1 6NN
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Birches Head New PAXS

Potteries Orienteering Club (POTOC) welcomes you to our Birches Head New PAXS MapRun event.


If a pin number is requested to access the map in MapRun enter: 1524


Park on Central Forest Park car park - currently free, however charges are proposed. Ensure you check the most recent signage.

Course: Birches Head New PAXS

60 minute score

This is a Score course which means you should get as many controls as you can within 60 minutes.

There are 33 controls in total. You do not need to get them all and you can visit them in any order.

Controls score different numbers of points:
  • Controls numbered 10 to 19 score 10 points
  • Controls numbered 20 to 29 score 20 points
  • Controls numbered 30 to 33 score 30 points
For each minute or part-minute you are late back, you will lose 30 points. The highest number of points wins. The time you take is used as tie-break.
MapRunLink: Birches Head New PAXS PZ
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