Start location for Birches Head New PAXS ▼

Start location for Birches Head New PAXS

Nearest postcode: ST1 6NN
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Birches Head New PAXS

Potteries Orienteering Club (POTOC) welcomes you to our Birches Head New PAXS MapRun event.


Starts just over road from Central Forest Park. Cross over the crossing and a short walk until you hear the start beep.


Park on Central Forest Park car park - currently free, however charges are proposed. Ensure you check the most recent signage.

Course: Birches Head New

13.4 km line

This is a Line course which means you need to get all 33 controls in order. The fastest time wins.

As the crow flies, the distance is 13.4 km. It is likely you will travel quite a bit further; in an urban environment, the quickest route may be as much as 50% longer.

MapRunLink: Birches Head New PXAC
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