Start location for Lammas Land Christmas 2020 ▼

Start location for Lammas Land Christmas 2020

Path junction just north of the carpark and just before the bridge.
Nearest postcode: CB3 9PA
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Lammas Land Christmas 2020

West Anglian Orienteering Club (WAOC) welcomes you to our Lammas Land Christmas 2020 MapRun event.


On the top half of the map, there are 14 questions. There are three possible answers to each question and each answer has a control number after it. Go to the control number for the correct answer. Answer the questions and visit the controls in order.

Even though this course is described as a scatter course below, please ignore this and ensure you visit your 14 chosen controls in the right order.

Remember to look at the results and particularly to view your track when you have finished. You may get a surprise. Please avoid looking at others' results beforehand.


There is on-street pay and display parking on Newnham Road, Queens Road (the Backs) and the Lammas Land car park. There is free parking every day of the week on Barton Road before 11am and after 2pm in specific bays. Parking on Newnham Road adjacent to Lammas Land is free on Sundays.

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Course: Lammas Land Christmas 2020

14 of 28 control scatter

This is a Scatter course which means you can visit the controls in any order. There are 28 in total, but you only need to get 14 of them. The fastest time wins.

Lammas Land Christmas 2020 PXAS14
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