Start location for Trumpington South ▼

Start location for Trumpington South

End of hedge at footpath between Overhill Close and Addenbrookes Road.
Nearest postcode: CB2 9AU
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Trumpington South

West Anglian Orienteering Club (WAOC) welcomes you to our Trumpington South MapRun event.


The course is a tight and twisty sprint event planned by our friends at CUOC around a modern housing estate with an intricate road layout and numerous parks. Ensure that you do not run past the finish when crossing to the eastern part of the map (the leg from control 12 to 13), this is also highlighted on the map.


Parking on the housing estate is very limited/restricted. Parking may be available on side roads off Shelford Road. Alternatively, it is less than 10 minute's walk (half a mile) from Trumpington Park and Ride. If you turn right as you enter the Park and Ride, there is a footpath from the far corner as shown with a dashed line on the map.

Course: Trumpington South

3.7 km line

This is a Line course which means you need to get all 27 controls in order. The fastest time wins.

As the crow flies, the distance is 3.7 km. It is likely you will travel quite a bit further; in an urban environment, the quickest route may be as much as 50% longer.

MapRunLink: Trumpington South PXAC
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