Start location for Brandon Country Park ▼

Start location for Brandon Country Park

Path junction at NW end of car park
Nearest postcode: IP27 0SU
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Brandon Country Park

West Anglian Orienteering Club (WAOC) welcomes you to our Brandon Country Park Permanent Orienteering Course.


A few areas have been felled since the last map revision - near 9 (to the south of the control site) and 15 (the south east strip of forest besides the path, including over the control site). The area near 17 is now young trees and open area near 8 a field of brambles.

Posts at controls 4 and 15 may not be present.


There is plenty of parking, but please Pay and Display.

Course: Brandon CP Score (not MapRun)

Score, no time limit

This course does not use MapRun, so it is not timed and you do not need a phone. At each control site, you will see a red/white coloured plaque with the control number on and a letter. Please write down the letter in the box on your map.

This is a Score course which means you should get as many controls as you can.

There are 18 controls in total. You do not need to get them all and you can visit them in any order.

Brandon CP Score

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