Start location for Crown Lakes ▼

Start location for Crown Lakes

Bike rack at path junction. No start plaque.
Nearest postcode: PE7 3AZ
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Crown Lakes

West Anglian Orienteering Club (WAOC) welcomes you to our Crown Lakes Permanent Orienteering Course.


Posts last surveyed June 2020, but map mostly from 2009. Since 2009 the park has matured significantly. Minor updates to the map were made in 2020 particularly in the vicinity of the controls and controls have been removed that are missing or no longer accessible. We hope to refurbish the course in conjunction with the landowners.

- Start/Finish not marked (location on map is a bike rack)
- Control 37 does not have a marker plate, but the post is present
- Control 29 does not have a marker plate but is drawn onto the fence post
- Controls 18 and 38 are somewhat challenging to find! Full leg cover recommended for these controls.

The descriptions sheet contains a section for you to write the letters on each post. The answers are on the second page.


There is free parking at the end of Haddon Way

Course: Crown Lakes POC Score (not MapRun)

Score, no time limit

This course does not use MapRun, so it is not timed and you do not need a phone. At each control site, you will see a red/white coloured plaque with the control number on and a letter. Please write down the letter in the box on your map.

This is a Score course which means you should get as many controls as you can.

There are 22 controls in total. You do not need to get them all and you can visit them in any order.

Crown Lakes POC Score

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